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Back To Land – Poem: depression – bide your time to fight

Back To Land

Life was going swimmingly
when an sudden current surged,
and swept me out to sea.
I watched the land
and all so dear to me,
recede into the distance
as I struggled
just to be.

Against a dark unfathomed sea
I thrashed about and battled
but couldn’t struggle free.
exhausted, I just floated
and let the current take me.
Terrified, I waited patiently
till death’s sweet call abated
then not against but across the tide
I struck out to be free.

Finding calmer water
restored my self-belief
I headed for the land
from self-indulgent grief.
as I reached the shore my loved ones
hugged and kissed and held me close
every single day.
I’m not sure it really struck them
I’d ever been away.

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