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Zettel Film Reviews » Bride and Prejudice – a cultural mishmash. parodying itself

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Bride and Prejudice – a cultural mishmash. parodying itself

can one patronise onself?

can one patronise onself?

Bride and Prejudice – Gurinder Chadha

For once I’m at a complete loss. I need guidance. Cinematically this film is a cross between Blue Hawaii and an execrable advert for my local Indian restaurant. I loved Bend It Like Beckham which really seemed to explore with humour and perceptiveness the boundaries of assimilated or at least merging cultures. I am not sure whether Bride and Prejudice is just good, frothy, harmless fun or stereotypically offensive. Perhaps I can’t get the film right because I haven’t seen much Bollywood. However it just seems to me that the appalling Mrs Bennett character in the original Pride and Prejudice plays because she is appalling to other members of the English culture to which she belongs because she is crass by reference to their mores. It seems to me there is something unwise at least in casting this character as a member of a different culture in that it tends to reinforce stereotypical assumptions.

My wife and daughter have told me to lighten up on the whole thing which I am more than happy to do. But this one is I fear to me is just a crass mess.

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