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Upon A Lifting Breeze – Poem: no death, only change

Upon a Lifting Breeze

I will soar
Upon a lifting breeze
In sunset’s fading light
I shall find my ease

Do not weep for me
Nor regret my passing day
My love lives on in you
You now will find my way

My spirit lives
Within the gentle rain
That slakes the thirsty earth
Softening all pain

I am mind I am thought
Free yes free at last
Love is all and all is love
Never gone never lost never past

You are the very best of me
My undeserving victory
Over doubt and fear
A love valedictory

Your hearts are my resting place
Not windstrewn ash
Or unforgiving stone
You are my saving grace

So hold me close my dears
In precious memory
Of laughter silliness and joy
A love filled history

I fly now with eagles
Defying gravity
Carried on the loving wind
Ever present ever free

My farewell like the sun
A momentary pause
Before the light returns
And the lone eagle soars

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