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Žižek’s Movies – Poem: movies, psychology, life, psychoanalysis

HOW many times did you see Vertigo Slavoj?

HOW many times did you see Vertigo Slavoj?

(A ‘found’ poem based upon Slavoj Žižek’s views on movies).

Žižek’s Movies

Anxiety alone
does not deceive
Subjectivity is to see
what is missing from reality
Libido need fantasy
to sustain itself
before the abyss
of another mind
Fantasy realised is nightmare
but the final nightmare
is immortality not death

Desires are not given
but acquired
and men struggle
with the desire
for their fathers
to be dead
Masculinity is illusion
man is terrified
of his own power
afraid of what he might do
because he can

There is too much
in feminine fantasy
for men to match
so they feel threatened
The paradox of pornography
if all can be shown
without restraint
we must render it unreal
to feel safe
Only willed constraint
empowers us
to explore the truth
so we choose not to show
all that can be seen

Film is not an escape
from reality
but a safe place
to explore
what terrifies us

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