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Zettel Film Reviews » Age is a number: Old is a state of mind

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Age is a number: Old is a state of mind


Keep On Running



Never visit me from duty
or look at me with pain
I don’t need your excuses
your concessions dull my brain

I am better now
than I have ever been
in all that I still want to do
know better what I mean
Life learned, love lost and won
passion still undimmed
drives me on my journey
thrilled by where I’m going
not by what I’ve seen.

Keep your thoughts of dark oblivion
of caskets stones and worms
age shall have no dominion
beyond it proper due
Death is not a part of life
we don’t live to feel its sting
I’ll explore new ideas
with rigour see them through
share loves that linger longer
deeper than the urgency of youth
ever ever knew.

I do not envy you your youth
where all is yet to come
my journey still excites me
still following the drum
I dance delighted to its beat
and bring to every day
all I am or ever was
everyone I’ve ever been.
Life is passion; passion life
laughter sets it free
life and love too serious
to take too seriously
So talk with me and listen
hear what I have learned
and I will share your troubles
respect what you’ve discerned
Share with me your passions
together let’s be bold
the thrill of life and love
in unsurrendering hearts
should not bend the knee
to the tyranny of old.
Feel the passing pulse of blood
the deep drawn breath of life
still baying at the moon
embrace the eternity of now
mocking the illusion
of tomorrow, next and soon

If we lived for ever
what would that resolve
trapped in constant circles
we would endlessly revolve
nothing left to doubt
no pain no fear no joy
on this cosmic roundabout
The ache of all our longing
depends upon our loss
the pang of beauty deepens
with the transience of things
look see listen hear
reach out and bravely touch
savour life’s sweet and bitter taste
share these accumulated days of age
until your spirit also sings
hear and still my sometime rage
now, at last I’m in my prime
I won’t let it go to waste.


Zettel 2010

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