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Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn



LETTER TO THE TIMES   –  3rd February 2010




Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn


It is extraordinary how the implacable righteousness displayed by the Establishment towards failures, incompetences or morally dubious practice of ordinary people or those lower down the food chain, disappears in a cloud of fuzzy indignation when one of their own is involved. Politicians, Royals, Knighted Bankers etc  don’t only behave badly, illegally or duplicitously like we normal mortals – they abuse the privilege that society has bestowed upon them. It is worse, it is more culpable. It should be dealt with rigorously. I am surprised to find your leader 1st February saying otherwise.


The accusation that ex-Sir Fred has been picked on and victimised is facile and can be balanced when all the other ‘honoured’ individuals who contributed to the same global mess as he are also rightly humbled by removal of honours they quite manifestly did not deserve and therefore should not keep. Not to remove his and these others in due course is to dishonour the system and those within it who take their personal honour as seriously as the awards assume in the first place.



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