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Quantum of Solace – a cut-to-the-chase Bond

Tweet Quantum Of Solace – Marc Foster Daniel Craig’s is a ‘cut-to-the-chase’ Bond in every sense. Solace begins where Casino Royale left off and opens with a car chase. A bit of plot; then cut to the sea chase; a bit more plot and cut to the air chase. In between, a couple of Jason […]

The Village – All veils – no Salome

Tweet The Village – M Night Shyamalan The biggest twist in Village is the way it’s filmed. Cinematically dishonest, it cheats the audience by misusing the ‘grammar’ of film. A ‘cry wolf’ movie: music, shot selection, editing, constantly threatens a fright……then nothing. By the time it does make you jump your adrenaline’s sluggish from false […]