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Leonard Cohen – O2 Arena Sept 16th 2013: the one-man genre triumphs

Tweet  Leonard Cohen – O2 Arena Sunday September 16th 2013 Songs of innocence and experience… and love with the occasional edge of lust: 3 hours with seven encores, every word he wrote himself; the one-man genre that is the extraordinary Leonard Cohen still had his delighted audience asking for more. Cohen is a Class Act: […]

Letter Published London Times – Tuesday 6th October 2009

Tweet Letter – Published London Times – Tuesday October 6th 2009 Electoral Reform Vote It is hard to see in the Party Conferences so far any evidence that Party Politicians have remotely registered the depth of contempt and anger generated by their cynical, wholesale abuse of their expenses. After much hand-wringing and a few pathetic […]

Idjagiedas – CD review, world music, Norway, Mari Boine

Tweet Idjagiedas (In The Hand Of The Night) – Mari Boine This music has ancient roots. It strikes a deep chord within us, which resonates. Mari Boine is Sami, from northern Norway. A place we used to call Lapland. “Norway? Music? Get outta here”! Bear with me. Mari Boine has almost single-handedly resurrected indigenous Sami […]

Farewell – Opening: A noir musical based on Chandler’s ‘Farewell My Lovely’

Tweet (Opening scenes of a noir musical. Concept – to create the pitch black intimacy of the cinema into theatrical form. To capture the essence of film noir in a differrent medium. Marlowe is a true modern hero – he knows he can’t beat the system: it’s become too powerful. But he keeps trying anyway. […]

Running For The Drum – New CD from Buffy Sainte-Marie. Concert Reviews

Tweet(To buy: http://www.creative-native.com/) BBC Prize-winning Review New York: Clearwater Festival and Highline Ballroom – 17th/18th June 2007 Royal Albert Hall May 8th 1966.The place is packed – with that buzz that signals something special. The lights go down. The buzz stops. Expectancy now charges the darkness with energy. The spot slices the length of the […]