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Poem: LOWESTOFT Full version.

Tweet    LOWESTOFT  – (Full Version)    From The Darkness and the first bright rays of every English day Lowestoft has emerged from its quiet anonymity into a strange celebrity Gone its history of herring girls and gulls and stubbled stubborn weather-hardened men snatching from the unforgiving sea its sheening shimmering silver lode sometimes paying […]

Poem: Spring Memory

Tweet      Spring Memory   It is Spring again when I seek out the private primrose and think of you     Zettel March 2012    

Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children

Tweet    Before It Is Too Late It’s too late for me now they’ve gone away but not for you for the present I am here and here I’ll stay Who they were I never really knew their love was all I needed and I just took it all as selfishly I grew I only […]

Poem: Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game

Tweet  at one   Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game Can you feel her sadness before she sheds her tears Can you sense her doubts before she shows her fears Do you simply hold her when that is all she needs Do you hear her not just listen wherever her heart leads Do you […]

For Valentine’s day – Dialogue from Before Sunrise

Tweet    For Valentine’s Day     Before Sunrise and it’s companion piece Before Sunset were recently voted 3rd most romantic films of all time. I’d have moved them up one slot. Amidst the commoditisation and trivialisation of romance and love that Valentine’s day largely represents – this is offered a snippet of dialogue that […]

Poem for Valentine’s Day – with a film connection

Tweet    Poem for Valentine’s day (Sadly not mine)   The Life That I Have The Life that I have Is all that I have, And the life that I have, is yours.   The love that I have, Of the life that I have, Is yours, and yours, and yours.   A sleep I […]

Poem – Night

Tweet    Night     She is with me in my darkness ever present in my night breathing into me her sweetness to my fears she brings the light   She is my solace and my friend ever faithful to the right on her loving strength I depend in her laughter I delight   When […]

Poem: Lady – She’s my lady

Tweet               Lady   She is my lady old fashioned though that sounds she has style and she has grace her elegance abounds   My lady honours me with her love for it is rare that she bestows her favours without reserve without care   My lady is all woman […]

Poem: Trust The Wind – No command, No power, just a form of love – commanding and powerful

Tweet      Trust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing to wing a […]

Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love