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Poem: Memorial Ground Zero – 26th October 2012 24 hours before Hurricane Sandy Hit

Tweet        Memorial Ground Zero– 26th October 2012 So many many names so many many lives no more Names of every race every faith and every creed make this place this precious space satisfy a sacred need There was a Jesus a Mohammad too the paradox of belief perplexes us faith that sustains […]


Tweet    BUFFY SAINTE MARIE You shall be Earth He said Rain lover Corn giver home to the roots of trees and men Yes you shall be Earth I love the Earth she said My mother My brother Who sustains me My place, my home But I shall not be Earth You shall be Wind […]

Poem: Houla

Tweet    Houla Thirty-two divides time and time again to a perfect one Yet here there are none all are lost, all gone the maths of massacre just does not add up it only takes away Their deaths dishonour us silent in a guilt wherein lies are built We are all now less deaf to […]

Poem: The Eagle’s Last Flight – ‘His mate gone/the eagle soared/into the high places

Tweet      The Eagle’s Last Flight His mate gone the eagle soared into the high places grief-driven wings beat the air in angry futile desperation higher and higher faster and faster his passion drove him towards the baleful sun the watchers waited bate-breathed for the weariness the exhaustion of flight to bring the eagle […]

Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children

Tweet    Before It Is Too Late It’s too late for me now they’ve gone away but not for you for the present I am here and here I’ll stay Who they were I never really knew their love was all I needed and I just took it all as selfishly I grew I only […]

For Valentine’s day – Dialogue from Before Sunrise

Tweet    For Valentine’s Day     Before Sunrise and it’s companion piece Before Sunset were recently voted 3rd most romantic films of all time. I’d have moved them up one slot. Amidst the commoditisation and trivialisation of romance and love that Valentine’s day largely represents – this is offered a snippet of dialogue that […]

Poem: Layin’ Down Trouble – Can’t beat the Man

Tweet    Layin’  Down Trouble they’re laying down trouble cos they can’t get ahead the Suits are all sagely noddin’ their heads you made it yourself now lie in your bed talk to the banker take out a loan you gotta be kiddin’ try blood from a stone they’re laying down trouble cos life is […]

Poem: Trust The Wind – No command, No power, just a form of love – commanding and powerful

Tweet      Trust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing to wing a […]

Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love

Poem: The City – alone amongst people

Tweet The City Cold wet streets echo footsteps of following fear a hungry animal prowling round my city rheum-eyed wraiths hunted and haunted by neon glares return rain-cold recriminatory stares Rag-huddled in cold a life-worn once-man in foetal embrace protects his flame guttering body heat to the pestering wind invisible to shame and scurrying guilt […]