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Six Poems for Remembrance week (2) If There is no Eden

Tweet    For those without religious belief who gave their lives and those who mourn them.   If There Is No Eden If there is no Eden no paradise to be where shall rest the solace that sets our grieving free No hymns of praise console us still less serried bands the pomp and circumstance […]

Poem – Layin’ Down Trouble

Tweet    Layin’  Down Trouble they’re laying down trouble cos they can’t get ahead the Suits are all sagely noddin’ their heads you made it yourself now lie in your bed talk to the banker take out a loan you gotta be kiddin’ try blood from a stone they’re laying down trouble cos life is […]

For September 11 – 2011

Tweet    Upon a Lifting Breeze We will soar upon a lifting breeze in sunset’s fading light we shall find our ease Do not weep for us nor regret our passing day our love lives on in you you now will find our way Our spirits live within the gentle rain that slakes the thirsty […]

Sons of War

Tweet    My Son I taught my son to walk by instinct he could cry you taught him how to march how to kill, how to die I taught my son to talk by instinct he could think you taught him to say ‘sir’ to withstand pain, not blink I taught my son to ride […]

“Justice Has Been Done” Osama, Obama, Geronimo

Tweet “Justice Has Been Served” Vengeance is mine sayeth the horde Revenge is sweet so sweet they cry Other-blind, their Jesus tears must be avenged for them alone mere justice will not satisfy Outnumber, outgun, cast out a virtual mythology dispenses real-blood death No Jedi here, nor Samurai the overwhelming Force is with them and […]

Honour – with this spirit blessed

TweetBuffy Sainte-Marie was an orphan, adopted out of her Cree tribe, raised in Maine where she was virtually the only Indian. Re-adopted by her tribe she re-connected with her ethnic roots. Training to be a teacher she wrote songs one of which was the iconic Universal Soldier now known in virtually every country of the […]

Song Of Innocence – Poem, song, children, war

TweetSong of Innocence There are no bad children (Chorus) Born into the world We show them how to hate Teach them how to kill This madness has to stop Before it is too late And the best of us Are lying cold and still He swaggers, rifle at his hip Terrified, the watchers catch their […]

Landmines – Poem: seeds of death

TweetLandmines As seeds of death are sown The roots of hate are grown And mothers cry As children die For a cause they’ve never known The drops of bloody rain Stain the soil with pain And men of pride Try to hide Their everlasting shame Heartbreak cries of shattered lives Go unrecognised As once again […]

Britishness – Poem: mongrels of the world, and proud of it

Tweet Britishness The British are not ethnic we’re the mongrels of the world an antidote to racism harbingers of hope we give the living lie to the hateful myth of blood What we are is mingled, muddled, mixed conquered by the Romans yet inspired by the Greeks we are passionate moderation hating all extremes of […]

Fashion – Poem: values, children, men, guns, why

TweetI’ll lighten up again, but given the tragic stories of this week in the UK, this seemed the right time to post this and the previous poem. (The report of Charles Roberts’ attack on October 2nd 2006 on an Amish School in the US killing a number of children, was on the same pages as […]