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Jurassic World – email to BBFC 26th June 2015

Tweet   Email to British Board of Film Censors – 26th June 2015 JURASSIC WORLD  –  Colin Trevorrow I have just watched a performance of this film in a crowded cinema at Cineworld Stevenage. I see around 3/4 movies a week and have written over 400 reviews at my blog www.zettelfilmreviews.co.uk and posted to the […]

Mr Turner – Mike Leigh Over-rated, over-praised

Tweet       Mr Turner – Mike Leigh Probably the most over-praised, over-rated film of the year. Despite a languidly and tediously long-drawn out 150 minutes, Mike Leigh manages virtually no insights, no illumination of Turner the artist or his Art. A clunking, almost unplayably self-conscious ‘literary’ script serves a misconceived effort to ‘recreate’ […]

Blue Is The Warmest Colour – Over-hyped, over-long and under-sexed

Tweet  Blue Is The Warmest Colour – Abdellatif Kechiche Filming fictional sex is very much like filming fictional sport. It doesn’t work – because it is a contradiction in spirit. Nothing planned and scripted can ever, by definition, capture the immediacy of the drama of sport in which the unpredictability of outcome is the very […]

The Place Behind The Pines – David Cianfrance. Tatty Tats and dumb drama

Tweet    The Place Behind The Pines – David Cianfrance The paradoxes of cool. If you think you are – you aren’t. If you try to be – you won’t be. Worst of all: if everyone tells you are and you believe them – you never could or will be. Cool is impossible to define: […]

To The Wonder – Terrence Malik, Joyous, intimate but flawed

Tweet      To The Wonder – Terrence Malik Joyous. Intimate. Unsettling, Sobering. Thought-provoking. Cinematically masterly: cinematography, editing, musical score. And a mesmerising performance by Olga Kurylenko. For all the graphic sex that has become an unremarkable, unremarked norm in modern movies, true intimacy is rare. The long opening sequence of Malik’s much under-rated film […]

Les Miserables – Tom Hooper: Against all the odds – a triumph

Tweet        Les Miserables – Tom Hooper Against all the odds – a triumph: of conception, execution, and performance. Hooper has taken perhaps the most iconic post-war, quintessentially theatrical stage musical; successful beyond all expectation and initial critical reaction, and captured its spirit in the radically different aesthetic form of film. The assurance […]

Open Letter to President Obama – Inaugural debt of honour

Tweet    St Albans, England – January 7th 2013   Dear Mr President, I need your help to recognise a deep wrong which we both share: you as an American and President; me as the descendant of English and European race and culture. Recognise not remedy, because the wrong in question is beyond remediation; one […]

Seven Psychopaths – Martin McDonagh. Anarchic scabrous, black satire

Tweet    Seven Psychopaths – Martin McDonagh The spirit of Joseph Heller (Catch-22) haunts this anarchic, scabrous black satire. And it doesn’t get any better than that. Heller took the established but contradictory conventions and attitudes to war as premises and then with a rigorous, implacable logic followed them through to a reductio ad absurdum […]

End Of Watch – David Ayer: Dumb Derring Duo lose a war.

Tweet      End Of Watch  – David Ayer End of Watch is David Ayer’s much praised follow-up to his equally critically approved Training Day. It is action-packed, often tensely exciting, rattles along at a furious pace and looks like being a massive box-office hit. It is also in my view a thoroughly bad movie […]

The Trouble With Harry – Las Vegas Notebook

Tweet     The Trouble With Harry – Las Vegas Notebook I was, until this week, blissfully unaware that my life experience was deficient in the cavorting department.  I feel cheated.  Challenged.  I’m panicking.   Is it compulsory?  A civic duty?   Do I need an ‘excused cavorting’ note?  Can I get it on the National Health? […]