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Poem: The Lion – Love, loss and time

Tweet the eyes of time The Lion He is an old lion but he still kills his own food The old lion lies languidly before another parting sun He has watered he has fed Contentedly he stretches to his full still powerful extent He has hunted the guile of age disdaining the extravagance of youthful […]

Poem: Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game

Tweet  at one   Love Is Not A Young Man’s Game Can you feel her sadness before she sheds her tears Can you sense her doubts before she shows her fears Do you simply hold her when that is all she needs Do you hear her not just listen wherever her heart leads Do you […]

Age is a number: Old is a state of mind

Tweet                      Age Never visit me from duty or look at me with pain I don’t need your excuses your concessions dull my brain I am better now than I have ever been in all that I still want to do know better what I mean […]

At The Till – Poem: the prosaic courage of survival

TweetAt The Till The old man’s dying eyes stared at me cut to my soul at the till he knew and he knew I knew too gasping for breath each defiant grasp for life only lasted two words and then another I am dying rattle clutched my heart at the till I tried to put […]

Elegy – confusing age with oldness

Tweet Elegy – Isabel Coixet Age is not oldness. Age is a fact, oldness is an attitude to life. It is the besetting vice of our culture to conflate these two concepts leading to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of both. So we invest ‘age’ with a social and moral significance it should not have: and promote […]

Vers Le Sud (Heading South) – sexual colonialism

Tweet Vers Le Sud (Heading South) – Laurent Cantet (BBC Prize Review) Is sex the paradigm human experience? A pool of thought for ever poisoned by Freud. Presidents, kings and queens, tycoons and politicians – all seem willing to risk everything for it. It sells everything from spanners to hot dogs; politicians to flatulence pills. […]