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BBC: The Apprentice Episode 6 – Steptoe vs Pickfords

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 6 – Steptoe vs Pickfords Best decision of the week: when Tom and Jimmy (some mouse that Jimmy) wanted to quit a job half way through because it was taking longer than they thought and wouldn’t make money, PM Helen immediately and decisively said “no – we can’t leave a client with […]

The Apprentice Ep 5 – Double Bubble

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 5 – Double Bubble Metaphor of the week: “ he had his head so far up Jim’s bottom that he couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. Now I neither have, nor entertain any aspiration to acquire any knowledge, intimate or generalised, about the terrain in question but if there is anything […]

The Apprentice Ep4 – Triumph of The Nerd

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 4 – Triumph of the Nerd He may have the haunted, undernourished look of a young Jean Luc Godard – but that Tom: il sait que ses oignons. However, the donning of quasi-medical scrubs in a fetching shade of purple did little to soften the freaky Pellereau persona: the “demented dentist look” […]

Apprentice Ep 3: Cloche Ears

Tweet The Apprentice Episode 3 – Cloche Ears It must have crossed other minds than mine to wonder whether these Apprentices and those before them are actually from another planet. Apart from the frequently incomprehensible behaviour, there is their curiously eccentric use of their personal communication devices. I don’t say mobile phones because I have […]

The Apprentice – Ep 2 “SLANGALANG SUCKS” – Lord Yoda

TweetThe Apprentice – Episode 2 – SLANGALANG SUCKS The most extraordinary comment made on day 2 of The Apprentice was not by an Apprentice or even in the show itself. In the often funnier, You’ve Been Fired, talking about the failure of Alex’s wait-and-see tactics Karen Brady said: “This is a show with integrity; there […]

The Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 1 – the circus comes to town After she’s got over an ear-bending from the owners of The Dragons’ franchise elsewhere on the Beeb, for plagiarising their format, the Producer of the Apprentice must be spitting blood. Doesn’t the Good Lord! Sugarlump get it yet? We schadenfreudians, devoted, long-serving crew of the […]

Sugar gets his Girl Friday

Tweet The Apprentice – The Final So Stella it is. The rules of The Apprentice have always been vague to the point of pointless and implemented by The Lord Sugar with a delighted capricious inconsistency that leaves us in no doubt who makes the final decisions and therefore who is in charge. But The Apprentice […]

The Apprentice – nasty, brutish and short

Tweet The Apprentice – Episode 10 – London Bus Tours Thomas Hobbes, 17th century English philosopher said of human life that it was “nasty, brutish and short, a war of every man against every man”. This pretty much sums up the business ethos that The Apprentice promotes week in week out. Everything is grist to […]

Strictly a little bit of magic – the Waltz Tango

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 7 – 16th October 2009 At last – a little bit of magic. Like two proud, elegant birds of prey locked in a mating dance, Vincent and Flavia captivated the eye and lifted the spirit with their Waltz Tango – which is a new one on me. The apparent contradiction of […]

Strictly meets the Wizard of Woz

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 5 – BBC 3rd October Strictly and the Wizard of Woz. Alesha Dixon to Joe Calzhage: “I’m impressed by how strong you woz for Kris”. There is no way an intelligent, accomplished, successful woman, and Alesha is all three, speaks so badly and lazily on national TV because she doesn’t know […]