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BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Savage Cuts at the BBC. Rockin’ Robbie goes

Tweet    Strictly Come Dancing – Savage Cuts at the BBC   Rockin’ Robbie takes his leave. Like most of the celebs on the show Robbie Savage has improved enormously over the weeks. His dancing has got better too. Obviously subdued and genuinely upset about the suicide this week of his friend and fellow player […]

Strictly Come Dancing – Sparklers for Bonfire Night: Lu bows out

Tweet      Strictly Come Dancing – Sparklers for Bonfire Night Imagine: the days before political correctness; one of those wonderful Technicolor, Looney Toons cartoon shorts. The setting is a bullring. Thousands of little cartoon Spaniards with wide open rounded mouths are baying for blood in the hot sun. Outside an impossibly fierce, impossibly large bull with […]

Tintin Movie – 5 Star Technical: 2 Star Entertainment

Tweet      Technical   Entertainment   The Adventures of Tintin – Steven Spielberg and the use of 3D and Performance Capture – Essay/Review Spielberg: at last the Directorial penny drops on the use of 3D. What David Yates made innovative use of in the final Harry Potter film, Spielberg exploits rigorously throughout his Tintin movie to make it the […]

Strictly Game Dancing 6 – BBC and the semantic tap-dance

Tweet Strictly Game Dancing 6 – BBC Oct 11th 2009 Tired: me or the format? Not sure. A week to rest more on the pleasure in the company of those you watch it with than the show itself. Chris minced; Jo/Joe escaped again; Craig got lucky; Tuffers wriggled out of post-operative DVT; Laila forgave; Rugged […]

Strictly meets the Wizard of Woz

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 5 – BBC 3rd October Strictly and the Wizard of Woz. Alesha Dixon to Joe Calzhage: “I’m impressed by how strong you woz for Kris”. There is no way an intelligent, accomplished, successful woman, and Alesha is all three, speaks so badly and lazily on national TV because she doesn’t know […]

Strictly Come Dancing 3 and 4 – Dunwoody done

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 3/4: 25th-26th September A weekend of small pleasures on Strictly: Alesha’s unpompous likeability proceeds neck and neck with the bland inanity of her judicial comments such as – “I like the way you move across the floor”; “you really tried, I commend you for trying hard”; “that really was a beautiful […]