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Tinker Tailor Soldier zzzzzz………….

Tweet    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – Tomas Alfresdon Saturated with atmosphere: so much so that narrative, character and suspense struggle to keep their heads above water till eventually going down with all hands about half way through, leaving at least me disappointed and unsatisfied. This despite some superb, darkly evocative cinematography (Hoyt van Hoytema), […]

Sex And The Single (English)man – Fear And Loving in Greece

Tweet    The Inbetweeners – Ben Palmer Tragedy takes many forms but there can few things more acutely tragic than the sight of four basically decent English lads adrift on a sea of hormones, desperately trying to get laid.  The odds they face are truly frightening: their chronological equals of the fairer sex are light-years […]

For September 11 – 2011

Tweet    Upon a Lifting Breeze We will soar upon a lifting breeze in sunset’s fading light we shall find our ease Do not weep for us nor regret our passing day our love lives on in you you now will find our way Our spirits live within the gentle rain that slakes the thirsty […]

BBC – Strictly Come Dancing 1 – Planet ‘Orange’ returns to earth

Tweet  BBC Strictly Come Dancing 1 – Picking Partners Planet Orange re-enters our gravitational pull on its annual starry, sequinned visit to Earth. Fake Tan Futures buck the general bear market as industrial quantities of spray-on orange make the expanses of bare skin on the scantily-clad, impossibly fit professional dancers, look almost decent. Thankfully not […]

Genetics, science, consciousness and will

Tweet  The Skin I Live in – Pedro Almodovar Must we accept that Genetics defines us? A genotype of an individual is an absolutely unique genetic description of that specific organism: but is it a person? Is my genotype a description of me? If so where shall we find the molecule that is an intention; the gene that is an act […]

Conflict: between a part as written and a part as played. Hathaway 1 – Nicholls 0

Tweet    One Day – Lone Scherfig Da-Da-Di-Da; Da-Da-Da-Di – Rachel Portman’s musical signature to this movie is so evocatively Lawrentian and infuriatingly unforgettable that you expect Anne Hathaway’s Emma to emerge round a corner on a camel rather than her rickety, baseketted ladies bike. This theme regularly surges in and out like the tide […]