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Changeling – touted for the wrong Oscar

Tweet Changeling – Clint Eastwood Cinema, film is a collaborative art. If the director has the integrating artistic conception of the film, he still has to assemble his realisation of that ‘vision’ through the many critical disciplines, each an art in its own right, that provide the warp and weft of the finished film. It […]

Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children

TweetBefore It Is Too Late It’s too late for me now they’ve gone away but not for you for the present I am here and here I’ll stay Who they were I never really knew their love was all I needed and I just took it all as selfishly I grew I only ever guessed […]

Out Of Time – Short story: New York, Message in a Bottle

TweetOut of Time – Short Story Even without Anne, New York was still great; I went to all the places we saw for the first time together. Much loved, shared movies ghosted through the tramline streets, avenued by ranks of giant glass and concrete trees. It was ten years since we were there; 5 since […]

The Third Way – Political essay: Blair, Bush, economics, credit crunch, Obama

Tweet(I see little to change in this essay writen in 2005. However we may hope that getting rid of the worst President in American history and the election of Barck Obama may have changed the political/intellectual environment enough for the complexity of the issues to be better understood and therefore that some coherent efforts might […]

Strictly Come Dancing – Saturday 22nd November

TweetStrictly Come Dancing – Saturday 22nd November The tension – unbearable. The competition – fierce. We were all, well some more than others perhaps, on the edge of our seats from the opening seconds of this week’s Strictly: which would triumph, how would the intense conflict be resolved? Yes of course I speak of the […]

Thought snippets: cloud of philosophy condensed into a drop of grammar

Tweet Thought Snippets God came to me in a dream I dreamed God came to me Language of commitment Language as commitment Reading the words Reading the sense Following a rule Being guided by a rule Believing you know Knowing you believe Saying what you mean Meaning what you say The pursuit of happiness Finding […]

Out of mind – out of insight: science, philosophy, mind, empirical, conceptual

TweetOut of mind – out of insight If you are infected with the disease of philosophy and find this stuff interesting, the book that best explores these ideas in depth is The Idea of a Social Science and its Relation to Philosophy – Peter Winch ISBN 0-415-05431-1. Old – but still in print. Discussions of […]

Strictly Come Dancing – the Eagle has landed

Tweet “Fox-trot leader to Tango Charlie……….” Strictly Come Dancing – the furore So the Eddie The Eagle of dance has crashed and burned. Samurai Sergeant has chosen dancing death with honour, rather than fall into the hands of his increasing legion of enemies. And there is no more potent enemy than the fickle British public […]

Britishness – Poem: mongrels of the world, and proud of it

Tweet Britishness The British are not ethnic we’re the mongrels of the world an antidote to racism harbingers of hope we give the living lie to the hateful myth of blood What we are is mingled, muddled, mixed conquered by the Romans yet inspired by the Greeks we are passionate moderation hating all extremes of […]

The Cherry Tree – Short Story

Tweet THE CHERRY TREE “Excuse me, but do you know this garden well?” The old man returned the clear, open, gaze of the brown-eyed girl. “Yes, why do you ask?” “I was curious about one of the trees.” “Which one?” “The cherry tree over there in the corner, by the wall.” “What interests you about […]