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Poem: Houla

Tweet    Houla Thirty-two divides time and time again to a perfect one Yet here there are none all are lost, all gone the maths of massacre just does not add up it only takes away Their deaths dishonour us silent in a guilt wherein lies are built We are all now less deaf to […]

The Bridge – Bron/Broen. A triumph of Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting

Tweet          The Bridge – Bron/Broen Writing. Direction. Characterisation. Cinematography. Editing. Acting. All first class and sustained. Need I say more? It is much easier to generate drama and suspense during a thriller than to close it out satisfyingly. If The Bridge didn’t have the rare perfection of a Usual Suspects or a Sixth Sense it did a […]

2 Days in New York – July Delpy Comedy of Manners set in New York

Tweet          2 Days in New York – July Delpy RomCom yes – ComRom no. 2 Days in Paris was a witty, stylish, quirky romantic comedy with a refreshing edge. Marion’s (Delpy) then boyfriend Adam was comfortable with having sex but distinctly discomposed at talking about it en famille, en ville, just about en-anywhere. […]

Delicacy (La Délicatesse) – David and Stephane Foenkino

Tweet         Delicacy – David and Stephane Foenkino I’m worried about Audrey. That girl is far too thin: painfully thin. I just don’t think she’s eating properly: not looking after herself. She needs feeding up and pampering for a couple of weeks. I’d offer but I’m not sure my wife would agree. I’m also […]

Silk – BBC1 Tuesdays 9.0pm New series looks great!

Tweet      Silk – BBC1 Tuesdays 9.0pm If you didn’t see the first series of this Peter Moffat written legal series – don’t make the same mistake again. Based on this 1st of 6 – superb. It promises to be as good as anything you’ll see for many a day. Apart from the writing, […]

Poem: The Lion – Love, loss and time

Tweet the eyes of time The Lion He is an old lion but he still kills his own food The old lion lies languidly before another parting sun He has watered he has fed Contentedly he stretches to his full still powerful extent He has hunted the guile of age disdaining the extravagance of youthful […]

Snapshot of Saga Norén – The Bridge’s emotionally dysfunctional detective

Tweet      Snapshot of Saga Norén  – the wonderfully perplexing, infuriating, disturbing female detective at the heart of this superb drama Noren is an autistic Swedish detective driven by detached logical analysis, and an emotionally dysfunstional approach to human relations. Martin Rhode is an emotional Danish detective married to Mette, and who, feeling his masculinity […]

The Apprentice (8) – Connor Sores of Art

Tweet      The Apprentice (8)  – Connor Sores of Art A few years ago the Australian medical community were pondering a problem: they were receiving a worrying number of complaints that significant numbers of hospital doctors, especially surgeons and most especially Consultants, were remote and detached; lacking in warmth and empathy. This will come […]

Poem: She Is There

Tweet    She is There When sleeplessly I tease my mind She is there When tangled threads of life unwind She is there When sweet-death music turns my head She is there When I embrace indulgent dread She is there When cherished pain my heart enfolds She holds me close When the story of my […]

Filarmonica Della Scala 30th Anniversary programme of music by Rachmaninov – Conductor Matteo Franceschini

Tweet    Filarmonica Della Scala 30th Anniversary programme of music by Rachmaninov  – Conductor Matteo Franceschini   I have seen opera and National Theatre drama in the special presentations that are regularly beamed to cinemas across the world. This is the first classical music concert I have seen in this way and it is if […]