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The Army owns your life, your death and your memory

Tweet   The Messenger – Oren Moverman Army ownership is eternal. They own your body and a significant chunk of your mind in life; they own your death, from the event through to your funeral and burial; and they own your memory – the how and why you died; the what and why of your […]

The Journey of Life, Creation, Metaphysics, Mystery – Malik’s vision

Tweet            The Tree Of Life – Terence Malik “Why should I be good?” asks pre-pubescent Jack O’Brien (Hunter McCracken), one of three brothers whose childhood doubts and fears form the central narrative of this extraordinary film. In voiceover at the beginning of the movie his long-suffering, stoical mother Malik doesn’t […]

Super 8 – ET with attitude and the dogs leg it

Tweet  Super 8 – J.J.Abrams  A Starbucks movie: all the ingredients; efficiently served hot; looks good; tastes ok in an anonymous kind of way; guaranteed quality; and absolutely predictable – it just tastes nothing like real coffee. Sacrilegious though it may be: is Spielberg a good enough director to warrant this kind of derivative homage? Ok […]