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Star Trek – Into Darkness: Eyebrows going where no eyebrows have been before

Tweet    Star Trek  Into Darkness – J J Abrams Eyebrows boldly going where no eyebrows have been before. Deliciously the Latin for eyebrows is supercilia: and there is much superciliasness in STID. Chris Pine’s young Jimbo Kirk sports Healeyesque bushy beetle brackets in an archly arcing style of bifurcated unibrow. Spock’s (Zachary Quinto) perfectly […]

Super 8 – ET with attitude and the dogs leg it

Tweet  Super 8 – J.J.Abrams  A Starbucks movie: all the ingredients; efficiently served hot; looks good; tastes ok in an anonymous kind of way; guaranteed quality; and absolutely predictable – it just tastes nothing like real coffee. Sacrilegious though it may be: is Spielberg a good enough director to warrant this kind of derivative homage? Ok […]

Mission Impossible III – Tom’s pension fund

Tweet Mission Impossible 3 – Director JJ Abrams It’s a toss-up – a day at Alton Towers or MI3? Both will offer you a series of white knuckle rides with no other purpose than to pump adrenaline and make your knuckles white. True Tom Cruise runs a lot; emotes a lot; and plots a little. […]