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BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Runners and Riders (Update)

Tweet    Strictly – Runners and Riders (2) Update   Odds just re-ordered. Made a mistake with Nanci – meant for her to be on a level with Edwina. It’s a long time since I placed a bet. Although in the last 3 I thought Audley was far better than her. Will carry these odds […]

Strictly Come Dancing (1) – Carry On Camping

TweetStrictly Come Dancing (1) – Carry On Camping My schadenfreude honed to a fine edge from 14 weeks of The Apprentice, I looked forward to exploring its cutting tendencies on the usual mixed bag of Strictly celebrities. It is a pain in the butt therefore when the people you don’t like, or don’t think you like, do well […]

Strictly a little bit of magic – the Waltz Tango

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 7 – 16th October 2009 At last – a little bit of magic. Like two proud, elegant birds of prey locked in a mating dance, Vincent and Flavia captivated the eye and lifted the spirit with their Waltz Tango – which is a new one on me. The apparent contradiction of […]

Strictly Come Dancing 3 and 4 – Dunwoody done

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 3/4: 25th-26th September A weekend of small pleasures on Strictly: Alesha’s unpompous likeability proceeds neck and neck with the bland inanity of her judicial comments such as – “I like the way you move across the floor”; “you really tried, I commend you for trying hard”; “that really was a beautiful […]

Walnuts, thighs, doing a ‘hockey stick’ and watching your core

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 2 – BBC Saturday 19th September Is Strictly, strictly, ‘reality’ TV? I pose the question because it seems to me that those occasions like the first programme on Friday when it is easiest to write about, are precisely those where the ‘reality’ element is strong. On Friday pretty much everybody was […]

They came: they danced: they “gave it their hole”

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 1 – BBC: September 18th The Exorcist has many scary scenes: but none more than when Satanically possessed schoolgirl Linda Blair’s head rotates anti-clockwise through a full 360º. Old Nick seems to have worked the same trick on the professional guy dancers on Strictly: I swear the top halves and the […]

Addictively Plum Prancing – BBC Friday 18th Sept

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing – BBC Heads up Friday 18th Sept 2009 Nicknames may change according to circumstances Dancers Ali ‘Old Bill’ Bastian – Brian ‘Snakehips’ Fortuna Lynda ‘Gravyboat’ Bellingham – Darren ‘Gordon’ Bennett Kristina ‘Serge’ Rihanoff – Joe (I’m not taking the p*** with this one) Calzaghe Natalie (Hopalong) Cassidy – Vincente ‘Where my […]

Sergeant Schlepper’s Baloney Starts Snub Land – Strictly Come Dancing: BBC 15th/16th November

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 15/16th November Noticeably missing from the supportive group of fellow competitors commiserating with Cherie Lunghi on her ejection this week from the increasingly surreal Strictly Come Dancing, were John Sergeant and his partner Kristina. To paraphrase an old saying – a joke is only a joke, but a good cigar is […]

Strictly Come Dancing Sat/Sun 8th/9th November – Carry On Sergeant

TweetStrictly Come Dancing – Saturday 8th/Sunday 9th November Carry On Sergeant in 1958 was the first of 29 Carry On films ending in 1988. A revival in 1992 Carry On Columbus, proved what we already knew – that the idea, the franchise, the fun, was way past its sell-by date. Virtually the same joke again […]

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC Oct 25th: Sublime comic moment

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing – BBC Oct 25th A sublime TV moment: the funniest since Del Boy fell through the counter of the night club bar. Political Commentator turned nation’s favourite crap dancer, John Sergeant, set off on a determined, droll Paso Doble, marching across the stage dragging his partner behind him with all the […]