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Sugar gets his Girl Friday

Tweet The Apprentice – The Final So Stella it is. The rules of The Apprentice have always been vague to the point of pointless and implemented by The Lord Sugar with a delighted capricious inconsistency that leaves us in no doubt who makes the final decisions and therefore who is in charge. But The Apprentice […]

The Apprentice – How not to manage: how not to run a business

TweetThe Apprentice – Episodes 10 – 13 “Innovative”, “entrepreneurial”, a “shrewd business move” his lordship’s judgment on Chris’s offer of 20% of all Bus Tour sales, Apollo’s and the agency’s. One must assume that this stroke of genius was one of the reasons that got the bright but lugubriously boring Chris into the final. Yet […]

Butt-wise Angelina’s OK by me. Better than alright

Tweet The Tourist – Florian Henckel von Donnersmark Butt-wise Angelina Jolie is OK with me. Better than alright. She also has the high-cheek-boned structure of lasting beauty courtesy perhaps of her part-Iroquois blood; and the rest of the kit is more than up to snuff. But Director Florian HVonD seems obsessed. Shot like an extended […]

The Apprentice – nasty, brutish and short

Tweet The Apprentice – Episode 10 – London Bus Tours Thomas Hobbes, 17th century English philosopher said of human life that it was “nasty, brutish and short, a war of every man against every man”. This pretty much sums up the business ethos that The Apprentice promotes week in week out. Everything is grist to […]

Love and Sex

Tweet Love doesn’t make the world go round – sex does: it is the energy that drives action. But sex leaves everything as it is. Love seeks to change things for the better – it aspires to the good. And of course this includes sex itself. Much misery – and bad sex – is caused […]