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Strictly a little bit of magic – the Waltz Tango

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 7 – 16th October 2009 At last – a little bit of magic. Like two proud, elegant birds of prey locked in a mating dance, Vincent and Flavia captivated the eye and lifted the spirit with their Waltz Tango – which is a new one on me. The apparent contradiction of […]

Strictly Game Dancing 6 – BBC and the semantic tap-dance

Tweet Strictly Game Dancing 6 – BBC Oct 11th 2009 Tired: me or the format? Not sure. A week to rest more on the pleasure in the company of those you watch it with than the show itself. Chris minced; Jo/Joe escaped again; Craig got lucky; Tuffers wriggled out of post-operative DVT; Laila forgave; Rugged […]

Letter Published London Times – Tuesday 6th October 2009

Tweet Letter – Published London Times – Tuesday October 6th 2009 Electoral Reform Vote It is hard to see in the Party Conferences so far any evidence that Party Politicians have remotely registered the depth of contempt and anger generated by their cynical, wholesale abuse of their expenses. After much hand-wringing and a few pathetic […]

Strictly meets the Wizard of Woz

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing 5 – BBC 3rd October Strictly and the Wizard of Woz. Alesha Dixon to Joe Calzhage: “I’m impressed by how strong you woz for Kris”. There is no way an intelligent, accomplished, successful woman, and Alesha is all three, speaks so badly and lazily on national TV because she doesn’t know […]

Music unites what words divide

Tweet The Soloist – Joe Wright Why do we go to the movies? I guess for as many different reasons as there are different kinds of films: to be entertained, informed, moved; to be made to laugh or cry, or exceptionally, both at the same time; or more rarely to be challenged, stimulated, provoked into […]