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The Olympics Opening Ceremony – Danny Boyle gives us wonders and wonder

Tweet        The Olympics Opening Ceremony – Danny Boyle + Cast of Thousands “Your Majesty, your Majesties, your Royal Highnesses, President Rogge, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.” In an excellent speech Seb Coe made one serious ‘kick-yourself-afterwards’ omission: his hierarchical list missed out just one group – but the most important to the […]

The Dark Knight Rises – Christopher Nolan. Fun, but disappointing finale

Tweet    The Dark Knight Rises – Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan’s brilliant exploration of the moral conflicts at the heart of the Batman myth made The Dark Knight easily the best of the comic book-based movie genre. Heath Ledger’s superb Joker was a truly Satanic figure, driven by a belief in the essential imperfectability of a mankind […]

The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin. Asking the questions everyone wants to ignore

Tweet      The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin Watch this. And don’t delay – it will almost certainly be pulled from the schedules in the US because it is taking on far too many, far too powerful vested interests to be left on the air. It is asking too many questions we, or those in […]

Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria. End of days but no end of daze

Tweet    Seeking A Friend For The end Of The World – Lorene Scafaria The camera always catches you acting. The most common fault in movie acting performances is doing too much. Keira Knightley is a case in point. A naturally animated personality, she has not yet learned, or so far been well-enough directed, to […]

The Newsroom – Aaron Sorkin’s new series crackles with vitality

Tweet        The Newsroom – Sky Atlantic – Tuesdays 10pm Polish up the brain cells. Ignore the critics – especially American journalists and media folk with an axe to grind; and even Brits who should know better but have an easy, world-weary cynicism they haven’t earned that makes them condescend to anything with […]

Poem For A wedding

Tweet        You are One   When light departs a sharing day kind shadows fall fears to allay for you are one When light returns in dawn’s new ray hope re-awakes of sharing joy today as you are one Giving is easy, taking hard but love transcends self’s wary guard so they are […]