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Poem For A wedding





You are One


When light departs a sharing day
kind shadows fall
fears to allay
for you are one

When light returns in dawn’s new ray
hope re-awakes
of sharing joy today
as you are one

Giving is easy, taking hard
but love transcends
self’s wary guard
so they are one

When pain and sadness hide the sun
hold fast, hold true
face what comes
stronger as one

Freely yoked, not tied or bound
by choice you walk
to love’s common sound
when you are one

Love incurs no debt, no demands
from each to each
as need commands
because you’re one

Love is not will, nor just embrace
it is a gift
it is a grace
That you are one

Each other’s dreams your love shall share
a bond so rare
beyond compare
Of two at one

When this life ends as end it must
together still
in love and trust
you shall still be one


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