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Tintin Movie – 5 Star Technical: 2 Star Entertainment

Tweet      Technical   Entertainment   The Adventures of Tintin – Steven Spielberg and the use of 3D and Performance Capture – Essay/Review Spielberg: at last the Directorial penny drops on the use of 3D. What David Yates made innovative use of in the final Harry Potter film, Spielberg exploits rigorously throughout his Tintin movie to make it the […]

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Rory Rory Halleluja

Tweet   Strictly Come Dancing – Rory Rory Halleluja Ask your friends; consult the tea leaves; scour the twitterscope; Lord help us, if you must, listen to Jeremy Vine and the Mad People on Radio 2 between 12 and 2 each day – your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out […]

Definitely Maybe – A RomCom both funny and romantic

Tweet        Definetely Maybe – Adam Brooks I love feel-good movies: if they don’t insult my intelligence – and this one doesn’t. If they persuade me to believe in the characters and the emotions they have for each other – and this one does. If the feeling good has a little bit of […]

We Need To Talk About Kevin – Technically brilliant, Ethically vapid

Tweet      We Need To Talk About Kevin – Lynne Ramsay   This film is beautifully shot, powerfully acted and brilliantly edited. It is also morally and emotionally empty. Ethically vapid. Absolutely none of the profoundly important, deeply perplexing issues posed by the narrative is addressed, explored or remotely illuminated. Instead we have hints […]

Poem – Layin’ Down Trouble

Tweet    Layin’  Down Trouble they’re laying down trouble cos they can’t get ahead the Suits are all sagely noddin’ their heads you made it yourself now lie in your bed talk to the banker take out a loan you gotta be kiddin’ try blood from a stone they’re laying down trouble cos life is […]

Tyrannosaur – powerful, impressive, don’t miss

Tweet      Tyrannosaur – Paddy Consadine Where there is pain – there is life. Where there is anger – there is truth.  There is pain and anger; raw uncompromising life and uncomfortable truth a-plenty in this extraordinary, powerful and affecting film. And we are reminded of what we know in our hearts but try […]

Strictly 3 – Dan’s Lobb Goes Out

Tweet    Strictly Come Dancing (3) – Riding Along On The Crest Of a Wave The Tradition after a Scout and Guides Gang Show is that everyone goes away on Gang Show Camp. Strictly has all the same ingredients – especially the camp. How much of the oodles of love on show is real or what we […]

Midnight In Paris – Woody discovers the close-up

Tweet    Midnight In Paris – Woody Allen Forty-seven movies in and Woody has finally discovered the close-up. This isn’t literally true of course but I have always been struck by a sense of detachment and distance from the characters and their emotional relationships in Allen’s films which I have attributed to his prosaic and […]

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Runners and Riders (Update)

Tweet    Strictly – Runners and Riders (2) Update   Odds just re-ordered. Made a mistake with Nanci – meant for her to be on a level with Edwina. It’s a long time since I placed a bet. Although in the last 3 I thought Audley was far better than her. Will carry these odds […]

Strictly Come Dancing (2) – Runner and Riders

Tweet  Strictly Come Dancing (2) – Runners and Riders My weekend would not have been seriously deficient had it not included the image of a dance that warmed Len Goodman’s willy. That said- They’re OFF and Dancing. My money’s on Nanci Oil to fall at the first fence tonight. STRICTLY STAKES – 2011 6-1 Chelsee […]