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Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love

Poem: Women, Men and Sex

Tweet      Women Men and Sex   Women lie about sex because they know men want them to   And they are right   Men lie about sex because they think women want them to   But they are wrong

Poem: Homo Pubicus – Ironist in sweatshop cotton

Tweet         Homo Pubicus   Lank greasy ginger hair one pierced ear. tarnished pirate earring barrel pack not six tattoo ‘I love mum’ sweat and halitosis In a bad place dirty levi’s stained and his teeth This vision’s saving grace his tee shirt legend ‘Natural born lover’ an ironist in sweatshop cotton

Poem – Layin’ Down Trouble

Tweet    Layin’  Down Trouble they’re laying down trouble cos they can’t get ahead the Suits are all sagely noddin’ their heads you made it yourself now lie in your bed talk to the banker take out a loan you gotta be kiddin’ try blood from a stone they’re laying down trouble cos life is […]

Miss Understanding – Poem: see what we want to see, think what we want to think

TweetMiss Understanding She thought He thought about her the way she thought he thought about her but he didn’t He thought She thought about him the way he wanted her to think about him but she didn’t tragedy in the making

And So My Son – Poem. son, sex, love, women, mystery, mystified

TweetAnd So My Son And so my son we have left the best and the worst to last You have asked me what I know of women and I wonder what to say How long have you got? for you will need nothing less than a lifetime and then some Of one thing I am […]

Angry – Poem: laughter as rebellion, resistance, respect

TweetThe London Bombings 7th July 2005 This was posted in the week of the London bombings (7/7 2005) on www.writewords.org.uk a writers’ web site I belong to. Many poems had been posted that week trying to express the inexpressible anger and grief we all felt – hence the remarks below written with respect: “Like the […]

After Bush – Poem: end the nightmare? Yes we can.

Tweet After Bush Let us dare to speak of hope of aspiration not of doubt Let John and Robert rest in peace with Martin by their side For they have been dishonoured their sacrifice denied Let us with courage separate as wise and thoughtful men once did opposing claims of church and state that every […]

Toad Ode – Poem

Tweet Toad Ode I always get the bit part In fairy tales and books A slimy one-kiss wonder With execrable looks I was minding my own business A happy, hoppy kind of guy Until that bloody princess Happened to pass by Who asked the primpy airhead To screw up my contented life Transmogrifying my existence […]