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Funny people are funny people

Tweet Funny People – Judd Apatow Funny people are funny people: ha ha and peculiar respectively – like “war is war”, this is no tautology. Not even the ‘great artists must starve in a garret’ myth has more universal currency than the received wisdom in the public mind that ‘comics are depressives’, and ‘making people […]

Tarantino – enfant – terrible: but no longer both.

Tweet Inglourious Basterds – Quentin Tarantino The penny finally dropped: Quentin Tarantino simply has no imagination. He can’t create characters so he borrows bits from characters in films he’s seen. He can’t create a believable setting or narrative, so he echoes, parodies, de-constructs those of others. He is either passive or unaffected by reality or […]

Honour – with this spirit blessed

TweetBuffy Sainte-Marie was an orphan, adopted out of her Cree tribe, raised in Maine where she was virtually the only Indian. Re-adopted by her tribe she re-connected with her ethnic roots. Training to be a teacher she wrote songs one of which was the iconic Universal Soldier now known in virtually every country of the […]

Antichrist, Lars von Trier’s bleak but masterful vision

Tweet Antichrist – Lars von Trier Wittgenstein said he always found Freud worth reading – for thought-provoking psychological ideas. He expressed no interest in Freud’s work as the basis for a therapeutic regime. As ever, this is both clear thinking and wise. In Antichrist, Lars von Trier tempts us to become as entangled in Freudian […]