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Another Spring – Poem

Tweet    Another Spring Age is like a non-returning Spring full of passion that will not be satisfied full of hope that will not be fulfilled full of love that will not be returned full of life that will not be survived And full of longing for another Summer, Autumn, Winter and yes, oh yes […]

Poem: Just Words – A ‘found’ poem after Wittgenstein

Tweet    “It is not how the world is that is mystical, but that it is” Ludwig Wittgenstein   Just Words (A ‘found’ Poem) The world is all that is the case the totality of facts not things The limits of my language are the limits of my world I know what you’re thinking makes sense […]

Our task in life

TweetOur task in life is not to find the right answers. It is to ask the right questions. If we think we have found the right answers – we will be wrong. If we ask the right questions – the right answers will find us. Zettel

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button – myth, magical realism, time, age, love and loss

Tweet The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button This simply is the best film of the Oscar year 2008/9. Don’t let negative reviews put you off. It always arouses my interest when a film receives diametrically opposing reviews. It proves that thought and critical faculties are alive and well. Was there ever a genuinely original work […]

Before It’s Too Late – Poem: parents and children

TweetBefore It Is Too Late It’s too late for me now they’ve gone away but not for you for the present I am here and here I’ll stay Who they were I never really knew their love was all I needed and I just took it all as selfishly I grew I only ever guessed […]

River Deep – Poem: life’s journey, change,

TweetRiver Deep In the dark labyrinth of sleep a consciousness awoke an unfathomed river deeply flowing surged gathering its unchecked pace Upon the banks on either side were fires, beacons to guide the river’s way on its eternal journey to the vastness of the sea On night-hid riparian strands fire-shadowed daemons ran who mocked and […]

The Game – Poem: poker, risk, existential

TweetThe Game Cut the crap the dealer said wanna talk – talk wanna play – play don’t talk and play don’t play and talk It ain’t just a game until you’re out you’re in deep Gimme no shit ’bout lousy cards ain’t no such thing just cards cards’ what you get hand’s what you play […]