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The Game – Poem: poker, risk, existential

play 'em or stack 'em

play 'em or stack 'em

The Game

Cut the crap
the dealer said
wanna talk – talk
wanna play – play
don’t talk and play
don’t play and talk
It ain’t just a game
until you’re out
you’re in

Gimme no shit
’bout lousy cards
ain’t no such thing
just cards
cards’ what you get
hand’s what you play
God don’t play dice
or load the deck
like justice he deals

The deck ain’t marked
the deal is straight
rain is rain
nothin’ personal
you wanna stay dry
stay indoors
you wanna look around
gotta risk getting’ wet
you ain’t no lily
gotta sow or reap

Luck ain’t a lady
fickle or true
ain’t got no favours
for me or for you
its always your call
however they fall
check or raise
stack in your hand
to hedge is to lose
to be is to do.

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