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An idea in the hand is worth two in the……. bye bye dubya

TweetI haven’t got round to doing anything on Oven-chip McCain or Shotgun Sally. Or even Charmer Obama and Biding-my-time-Biden. So with political delight and relief but comic sadness, an old piece to mark a passing that will still a thousand quips – bye bye George, it’s been, well…..surreal. (About the time that Michael Moore’s polemical […]

I’d Do Anything For You (6) – the final: Public 1 – Lord Rubber/Cameron MacIntosh 0

TweetI’d Do Anything For You – The Nation’s Nancy Legend has it that Elvis Presley, for a laugh, once entered an ‘Elvis look-alike contest’…………and came second! I guess if true, this perhaps tells us that people in general, the public, like and are drawn to, identify with, what there is in common between people and […]

I’d Do Anything For You – Semi final: public vs Lord Rubber

TweetI’d Do Anything For You – Semi Final For the second time in this series Lord Rubber’s own programme format kicked him where it hurts. In delicious time-honoured fashion, the perversity of the British public screwed-up his plans. No hissy fit this time but it was pretty clear that he had not expected and did […]

Found Film Poetry – good writing from 5 movies in poetic form. Know them?

Tweet Film Poetry (Lines from 5 great films) Is this heaven? It’s Idaho He built it and he came Father and son playing catch Timeless To all the ships at sea and all the ports of call to my family and all friends and strangers this is a message and a prayer the message – […]

I’d Do Anything For You (4) – Oh God I’m taking it seriously!

TweetI’d Do Anything For You – (4) The law of diminishing returns is now setting in with IDAFY. As each of the 5 girls left performed their 8th (of 12) competition songs, excluding sing-off’s and songs from Oliver itself, it became clear this week that the format of the show needs tweaking to achieve the […]

Back To The Film (1) – not gone. Just seeking Solace

TweetBeen a bit thin on the movie front so have taken the opportunity to put up some other stuff. Only do TV that seems interesting or fun. Poetry is what it is. And other writing is as and when. Hoping to find some Solace this week – but what is there new to say about […]

I’d do Anything For You (3) – Ashley: revenge in Rubber for Andrew

TweetI’d Do Anything For You (3) And then there were five. Awful Ashley finally left the ‘Nancy’ house to find a quiet place to stick pins into an effigy of Lord Rubber. Uncharacteristically cruel, the latex Lord had told her not to miss the last bus out of dodgy city. For a man whose vast […]

Gordilocks and the Three Blairs – a fairy tale for our times. Beware what you wish for

Tweet (There have been many changes in the Westminster Forest since this was written. But Gordilocks got her wish and the the Three Blairs disappeared deep into the forest. Recently Gordilocks has been wondering whether she got a bum deal. Stuffed again by Daddy Blair). Gordilocks and the Three Blairs Once upon a time in […]

I’d Do Anything for You (2) – hooked! Gotta get a life.

Tweet(In re-tracing this journey I won’t cheat and change my predictions at the time) I’d Do Anything For You (2) Ok. I confess. I’m hooked. I’ll Do Anything For You has now become required viewing. Even for curmudgeonly moaning cynics like me. Thankfully the style of presentation is no longer tart-it-up and tit-it-up as the […]

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC Oct 25th: Sublime comic moment

Tweet Strictly Come Dancing – BBC Oct 25th A sublime TV moment: the funniest since Del Boy fell through the counter of the night club bar. Political Commentator turned nation’s favourite crap dancer, John Sergeant, set off on a determined, droll Paso Doble, marching across the stage dragging his partner behind him with all the […]