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Searching for Sugarman (an Existential life*) – Malik Bendjelloulan

Tweet     Searching for Sugarman (an Existential life*) – Malik Bendjelloulan (*my addition) This year’s film not to miss. It has been gathering momentum since winning best documentary at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. This is a story you can’ t believe – but want to. A story that then delights you by being true. […]

Killing Them Softly – Andrew Dominik: The absence of other minds

Tweet        Killing Them Softly – Andrew Dominik One of the deepest and most interesting issues in Philosophy is that of knowledge of other minds. How is it that we can come to know, understand, care, hate, love another person? Indeed the idea of what it is to be a person is an […]

Jackpot – Magnus Martens Knockout Nutty Norwegian Noir

Tweet     Jackpot **** Magnus Martens I’m stumped. I may need your help dear reader. If I described some of the unspeakably violent things that happen in this movie, most of you, I hope, wouldn’t go anywhere near it. But you’d be wrong. And why you would be wrong is my dilemma. To lay it […]

Wills and Kate – at play. Privacy and Privilege – Phoney furore

Tweet      Wills and Kate – at play. Privacy and Privilege Some women like to bathe sunbathe topless, some don’t. It’s a choice. In a public place which is where this occurs for us normal people, any woman choosing this option knows that she will be subject to the occasional surreptitious glance from most […]

To Rome With Love – Woody Allen

Tweet      To Rome With L0ve – Woody Allen Domestic disagreement on this one: my wife, who liked Midnight In Paris much more than I did was lukewarm about Woody Allen’s latest comedy of manners, mores and the absurdity of love and life. I am the opposite. To Rome With Love for me is […]

Lawless – John Hillcoat. Stupid men doing stupid things in very stupid ways for pretty stupid reasons

Tweet    Lawless – John Hillcoat Stupid men, doing stupid things, in very stupid ways, for pretty stupid reasons. Hillcoat and screenplay writer Nick Cave re-unite after the gratuitously violent The Proposition to delight us with the gratuitously violent Lawless. I wrote this of that first film, much admired by some. “A new genre – […]

Dialogues with God (2) – Of science and morality etc

Tweet Dialogues with God (2) Written just before Christmas Happy birthday ALG. Frankly, I’ve been feeling about 2,000 years-old myself lately so I sympathise. I don’t have birthdays any more as I have begun to feel my mortality pretty keenly. There now, I’ve already got one up on you: for all your omnipotence and omniscience […]

Dialogues With God (1) – Wasps – WHY?

Tweet  Dialogues With God (1) You must find it hard to welcome everybody to heaven with millions arriving every day. I suppose the Omnipotence comes in handy. Well, take my tip, keep a careful look out, because somewhere in the crowd is a quietly spoken, delightful man called Charles Schultz. You might miss him: he […]