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The Apprentice – The Final: Yas you’re hired!

Tweet The Apprentice – Week 12: The Final Capitalism is a paradoxical system. Sralan expressed it perfectly if unwittingly as I’m not sure he has much taste for irony. In an evenly balanced contest according to Sralan both women got it almost right. Kate won the personal presentation, her three-tiered box of ‘one for her, […]

Lord Sugar of Lump?

TweetWhat’s it to be do you think? Lord Sugar of Lump? If Sir Alan is going to be the Enterprise Czar – will he outrank Spock and Kirk? Gordon Brown and Sir Alan Sugar With Apologies to The Rolling Stones If Brown, Sugar can’t get no Satisfaction, Between a Rock And A Hard Place they’ll […]

The Apprentice Week 11 – wheels, spokes, Darth Debra departs

Tweet The Apprentice Week 11 – now only two can play Sir Alan Sugar in government? It is rumoured tonight that SAS has been offered a job by Gordon Brown. Given the rest of the news, this is a bit like the captain of the Titanic inviting you on a cruise. This invitation, if true, […]