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Captain Phillips – Paul Greengrass: Might is right….but…..

Tweet      Captain Phillips – Paul Greengrass Claustrophobic, tense, exciting, edge-of-the seat suspense. As you would expect of the Director of United 93 and the best two films in the Bourne franchise, Captain Phillips is brilliantly edited to give a sense of movement and pace one wouldn’t have thought possible confined on board a […]

Disappointing Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen. Woody was, is and always will be more a Lubitsch than a Bergman

Tweet          Blue Jasmine – Woody Allen Woody Allen is blessed. He has a God-given gift. That gift is to make us laugh: with an articulate wit, incisive irony, and a delicious sense of the personal and metaphysical absurdity of life. Camus in drag. His gift as an artist, is not to […]

Poem: After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed

Tweet  After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed Words alone have no meaning no sense so the proposition is meaningless too Meaning is the act of making sense meaning something in using words Possibilities of meaning are my choice through action of making sense with them Action is use I enter the world […]