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Poem: Homo Pubicus – Ironist in sweatshop cotton

Tweet         Homo Pubicus   Lank greasy ginger hair one pierced ear. tarnished pirate earring barrel pack not six tattoo ‘I love mum’ sweat and halitosis In a bad place dirty levi’s stained and his teeth This vision’s saving grace his tee shirt legend ‘Natural born lover’ an ironist in sweatshop cotton

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – The Magnificent Seven – left

Tweet  Strictly Come Dancing – The Magnificent Seven – left Not even a Hokey-Cokey to the Halleluiah Chorus would have had the audience on their feet so often. Seven dances, seven standing ovations. Even-handedness or what? There seem to be so many relations and friends of dancers in the audience of Strictly nowadays that we could create the ‘Strictly Wave’ where each related […]

Moneyball – Bennett Miller. Sorkin: a Dickens for our times

Tweet      Moneyball – Bennett Miller Aaron Sorkin is a Dickens for our times (of which more at a later date). He is already an acknowledged master of the Television Series; and through writing like Sports Night, Studio 60 Sunset Strip and his masterpiece, the first 3 series of The West Wing, he excels in the […]

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – Latest (Zettel) Odds

Tweet    BBC – Strictly Come Dancing – The latest (Zettel) odds Previous odds in brackets Harry and Aliona – 2-1 (6-4, 6-4) Chelsee and Pasha – 2-1 (6-1, 6-1) Jason and Kristina – 3-1 (6-4, 6-4) Alex and James – 3-1 (6-1, 6-1) Holly and Artem – 4-1 (2-1, 2-1) Robbie and Ola – 7-1 (4-1, 4-1) Anita and Brendan/Robin – 10-1 (3-1, 3-1) But Robbie might go […]

Poem: Love – eternity

Tweet      Love   And if I take just one breath of love a moment’s pause in life then I have touched eternity  

BBC – Strictly Come Dancing – Midnight: Cinderfella went to, and had a ball.

Tweet      Strictly Come Dancing – Midnight: Cinderfella Went to, and Had a Ball. In one of those moments when the British people display their often underrated good sense, Russell Grant got fired – from the programme and a cannon. In perhaps the zaniest, most surreal moment in the history of a programme renowned […]

Wuthering Heights – Andrea Arnold: Emily Bronté it ain’t

Tweet      Wuthering Heights – Andrea Arnold “Well I’m not going to move to Yorkshire.” Comment from a guy I’ve never met as we left the Curzon. He was I think responding to the weather which dominates Arnold’s film, but his remark would have been just as apt referring to the characters as portrayed […]

Page One:Inside The New York Times – Andrew Rossi

Tweet      Page One:  Inside The New York Times – Andrew Rossi Watch out for this one on TV. If it doesn’t turn up then rent it. This absorbing documentary raises perhaps the most important question faced by mature Western democracies now and in the next few years: how do you ensure the independence, […]

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – The End of Audley

Tweet    BBC  Strictly Come Dancing – The End of Audley Call the Health and Safety Exec. We need a risk assessment. Otherwise Russell is in danger of being the first human being to spontaneously combust on live TV if he keeps getting through on Strictly. Laggy Len (Jet that is) in one of his better […]

Remembrance – Universal Trader – Lest we forget – the Arms Salesmen

Tweet    To the tune of Buffy Sainte Marie’s song – Universal Soldier   The Universal Trader   He wears pinstripe suits and shiny shiny shoes He deals in death for all and every cause He sells to everyone, there’s no one cannot buy He’s supplier to a thousand wars   He sells to Muslims […]