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Blue Is The Warmest Colour – Over-hyped, over-long and under-sexed

Tweet  Blue Is The Warmest Colour – Abdellatif Kechiche Filming fictional sex is very much like filming fictional sport. It doesn’t work – because it is a contradiction in spirit. Nothing planned and scripted can ever, by definition, capture the immediacy of the drama of sport in which the unpredictability of outcome is the very […]

Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love

Poem: Women, Men and Sex

Tweet      Women Men and Sex   Women lie about sex because they know men want them to   And they are right   Men lie about sex because they think women want them to   But they are wrong

Love and Sex

Tweet Love doesn’t make the world go round – sex does: it is the energy that drives action. But sex leaves everything as it is. Love seeks to change things for the better – it aspires to the good. And of course this includes sex itself. Much misery – and bad sex – is caused […]

And So – To Bed: intimacy, birth, love, warmth, death

TweetAnd so……..to bed Isn’t intimacy a funny thing? Funny peculiar I mean – not funny ha ha. Though intimacy that’s funny ha ha can be great too. Having sex is easy. Making love’s different though we often talk as if it were the same. But having fun making love, through having sex – that takes […]

And So My Son – Poem. son, sex, love, women, mystery, mystified

TweetAnd So My Son And so my son we have left the best and the worst to last You have asked me what I know of women and I wonder what to say How long have you got? for you will need nothing less than a lifetime and then some Of one thing I am […]

Vers Le Sud (Heading South) – sexual colonialism

Tweet Vers Le Sud (Heading South) – Laurent Cantet (BBC Prize Review) Is sex the paradigm human experience? A pool of thought for ever poisoned by Freud. Presidents, kings and queens, tycoons and politicians – all seem willing to risk everything for it. It sells everything from spanners to hot dogs; politicians to flatulence pills. […]