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Just Like Heaven – great date movie, romantic,

Tweet Just Like Heaven – Director Mark Waters (BBC Prize Review) A great date movie. For romantics. If you go for light romantic comedies like Serendipity or even Sleepless in Seattle, you’ll love this one. A neat script (Peter Tolan – Analyze That; and Leslie Dixon – Mrs Doubtfire and Thomas Crown Affair) keeps the […]

Sin City – middle-aged, in the garage, wet dream movie

Tweet Sin City – Miller, Rodriguez, Tarantino (BBC Prize Review) Sin City is critic-proof. I guess that is the point. Any level on which you take it is uncool. Take it seriously and you’ve missed the cool joke. Treat it simply as a clever joke and you have missed the post-modern, movie-referential, ironic noir parody. […]

The Last King Of Scotland – a rational madness that killed thousands

Tweet The Last King Of Scotland _ Kevin Macdonald (BBC Prize Review) Something deeper than race, and more disturbing, lies at the heart of this chilling film. Masculinity, machismo, male dominance was the raw uncivilised force that drove the history and fuels this fictionalised account of Idi Amin’s Uganda. Deeper because ethnicity and colour divides […]

Elizabethtown – a superb little sleeper of a movie

Tweet Elizabethtown – Director Cameron Crowe (BBC Prize Review) Elizabethtown is a great, great movie. In both senses. It will make you laugh, and cry, and will keep surprising you throughout. It fits no pigeonholes. A bit like life really. But it takes a while to adjust to its quirky, eccentricities of tone and narrative. […]

Jarhead – do anti-war films just glorify it more?

Tweet Jarhead – Sam Mendes (BBC Prize-winning Review) Paradox: we regard $80 million dollars (say) to recreate the horrors of war in a fictional setting as morally acceptable but would be outraged if the same scenes were shown from actual footage shot in reality. Worse in a way, we accept millions of dollars as a […]

Click – toy duck-humping season…..ho…ho…ho

Tweet Click – Frank Coraci (BBC Prize Review – contains ‘spoilers’ if that’ possible for this one) What’s funnier than a dog humping a soft toy duck? (While two 7/8 year-olds share the ‘fun’). Easy, according to director Coraci – two dogs humping the same duck. If that cracks you up, you just gotta go […]

Atonement – mangled McEwan movie makes money

Tweet Atonement – Joe Wright (BBC Prize Review) Andre Previn to Eric Morecombe, “you’re playing all the wrong notes.” Eric Morecombe, lifting the Maestro up onto his toes by his DJ lapels, “no, I’m playing all the right notes……but not necessarily in the right order.” Joe Wright has gone one better in this extraordinarily bad […]

3 – Iron: a series of visual haikus threaded into a perfect circle

Tweet 3-Iron – Director KIM Ki-Duk (BBC Prize-winning review) Of all the words a film critic needs least, ‘exquisite’ must be near the top of the list. Yet this is precisely the word for this hauntingly beautiful film which celebrates with a rare delicacy and sensitivity – love, life and our freedom just to be. […]

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Kilmer: “Downey’s a great Kisser”

Tweet Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Shane Black (BBC Prize Review) Pulp Fiction? Give me a break. This off the wall, can’t be pigeon-holed, literate little gem has far more style, wit, laughs and ironic self-mockery in its little finger (which the dog eats by the way). Lets hear it for Mary Gail Artz and […]

Flags of Our Fathers – resonant as a brick

Tweet The Flags of Our Fathers – Clint Eastwood (BBC Prize Review) This film has the resonance of a brick. There is more evocative imagery of the pathos and tragedy of war in the stills shown over the final credits than in the whole 132 minutes of film that precedes them. It is hard to […]