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The Apprentice BBC – Men and Women behaving badly to make money and make us laugh

Tweet      The Apprentice (1) – Mission (sadly) Possible “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to scour the land to find: irreducible egotists with a delusional conviction of their superior abilities and talent, devoid of any objective evidence to justify it and which is disproved by every self-aggrandising word that escapes […]

BBC The Apprentice (7) – Smelling What’s Selling Azhar: falls short.

Tweet      BBC The Apprentice (7) – Smelling What’s Selling “You have sent a message to Britain” – Lord Sugar on his favourite task in The Apprentice. The achievement this praise recognised was that 10 bright young people had fetched up at a general wholesale warehouse, bought £150-worth of randomly selected merchandise and then flogged […]

BBC The Apprentice (1) – Learning When To Shut Up

Tweet        The Apprentice (1) – Learning When To Shut Up An Apprentice first: firing a likely winner in the first episode. No, don’t shout at me: I agree Bilyana had a bad attack of verbal diarrhoea in the boardroom and played a full part in the undignified but regular Apprentice game of shaft the sister. However […]

BBC Young Apprentice – Corrupt and Corrupting (A personal view)

Tweet      BBC – The Young Apprentice The protesters camped outside St Pauls are trying to stimulate a debate about business and the framework of free market capitalism within which it operates. Whether you regard this as an issue of ethics, politics, economics, social equality and justice, or even a combination of them all, […]

The Apprentice Episode 11 – Jedi ‘Yoda’ Jim – clever he is

Tweet    The Apprentice Episode Eleven – Jedi ‘Yoda’ Jim – Clever he is Apprentice dilemma: win the task or win the Boardroom?  On the first of these, the two person team-Logic this week comprised the nicest and most imaginative ever candidate with perhaps the best.  On the second, we have the best manipulator in […]

The Apprentice Episode 11 – Five Go Off To A Safe House

Tweet    The Apprentice Episode 11 – Five Go Off To A Safe House The first thing to say about this programme profiling the final five is that every single one of them comes out better through these individual profiles than from anything we have seen them do in the previous 10 weeks. This does […]

The Apprentice Episode 10 – Helen of Ploy

Tweet  The Apprentice Episode 10 – Helen of Ploy True story: waiting last night at Wembley for Take That to take the stage my teacher daughter Ruth was talking about some school fund-raising activities at her school last week. She has a form of 30, year 7s i.e. 11/12 year-olds, all girls, at a good […]

BBC: The Apprentice Episode 6 – Steptoe vs Pickfords

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 6 – Steptoe vs Pickfords Best decision of the week: when Tom and Jimmy (some mouse that Jimmy) wanted to quit a job half way through because it was taking longer than they thought and wouldn’t make money, PM Helen immediately and decisively said “no – we can’t leave a client with […]

The Apprentice Ep 5 – Double Bubble

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 5 – Double Bubble Metaphor of the week: “ he had his head so far up Jim’s bottom that he couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. Now I neither have, nor entertain any aspiration to acquire any knowledge, intimate or generalised, about the terrain in question but if there is anything […]

The Apprentice Ep4 – Triumph of The Nerd

TweetThe Apprentice Episode 4 – Triumph of the Nerd He may have the haunted, undernourished look of a young Jean Luc Godard – but that Tom: il sait que ses oignons. However, the donning of quasi-medical scrubs in a fetching shade of purple did little to soften the freaky Pellereau persona: the “demented dentist look” […]