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Apprentice Ep 3: Cloche Ears

Tweet The Apprentice Episode 3 – Cloche Ears It must have crossed other minds than mine to wonder whether these Apprentices and those before them are actually from another planet. Apart from the frequently incomprehensible behaviour, there is their curiously eccentric use of their personal communication devices. I don’t say mobile phones because I have […]

The Apprentice Week 10 – fallacies and moved goalposts

Tweet The Apprentice Week 10 – intelligent, thoughtful, skilled team-player, good listener, good manager – you’re fired. If Sralan Sugar had been in charge of the European Champion’s League Final this week they’d still be playing: he moves the goalposts so suddenly and so often no one could ever score. Last week the high-ticket Rocking […]

The Apprentice Week 8 – Margate Mission Muffed

TweetThe Apprentice Week 8 – Margate Mission Muffed Sugar’s increasingly capricious firing decisions and inconsistent rationale for them invites analysis. The promising Rocky Andrews was fired in week 2, partly on the argument that he was ‘too young’; yet the strikingly immature Ben, just 22 remains after some of the crassest remarks and dumbest behaviour […]

The Apprentice Week 6 – Sralan…you`re fired!

Tweet The Apprentice Week 6 – Sralan…you`re fired! I’m not kidding. In my view the most incompetent, inadequate person in this weeks’ show was Sir Alan Sugar himself considered as a leader specifying the aims and objectives of a task. I believe his behaviour towards the contestants is increasingly objectionable – gratuitously insulting and bordering […]

The Apprentice Week 5 – Parrots, Pirates and Pants

Tweet The Apprentice Week 5 – Parrots, Pirates and Pants The penny finally drops: when deciding who to take into the boardroom, the losing team leader must ignore task performance, personal animosity one or two-way, disruptiveness, charmlessness and most especially the unshakable solipsistic egoism shared by all the apprentice Apprentices. No: the implacable rule is […]