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Oscars Postscript – Zettel. Don’t miss Sugarman

Tweet   Oscars Postscript – Zettel There was a pivotal moment, totally unremarked in this marathon, 3-hour Feast of Narcissus. A geeky little Swedish Director and a chubby American Producer picked up the Swede’s first and the American’s second, Oscar. Malik Bendjelloul’s English did not survive his excitement and the tiny delay that ensued led […]

Prometheus – Ridley Scott – Breach of Prometh

Tweet      Prometheus – Ridley Scott When did the octopus first become the template for space-monsters? I get why: they carry all the repulsiveness of the snake – multiplied by 8; and they are very what we might call grapho-genic. Wave the arms about a lot and our imagination comfortably believes in flying octopi […]

The Artist – Michel Hazanavicius. Silence is Golden

Tweet        The Artist – Michel Hazanavicius A film that unites critics; but I suspect divides cinema-goers. I find myself with a foot in both camps. The Artist is almost entirely silent throughout its 100 minutes running time. Cleverly and I think effectively, Hazanavicius has created an impressive blend of form and content: telling his Singin’ […]

The Well-Digger’s Daughter (La fille du puisatier) – Daniel Auteuil.

Tweet      The Well-Digger’s Daughter – Daniel Auteuil Lyrical, romantic, with a lightness of touch quintessentially French, this is a delightful study in Provencal rural manners over a single summer just as WWII is about to break out. A time of innocence and old verities, a simple tale of love, honour and respect is […]

Wuthering Heights – Andrea Arnold: Emily Bronté it ain’t

Tweet      Wuthering Heights – Andrea Arnold “Well I’m not going to move to Yorkshire.” Comment from a guy I’ve never met as we left the Curzon. He was I think responding to the weather which dominates Arnold’s film, but his remark would have been just as apt referring to the characters as portrayed […]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 and 3D

Tweet        Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 and 3D – David Yates   The best use of the 3D process I have seen in a film so far.  If 3D is to be more than just the short-lived gimmick it was when it was first used commercially in movies in the […]

Beginners – Mike Mills

Tweet      Beginners – Mike Mills Ineffable.  Like the hole in a donut.  Without the donut.

The Time of our lives at the movies

TweetThe Clock – Christian Marclay – White Cube Gallery London Not a movie but deeply cinematic. This Art installation at the White Cube Gallery, Mason’s Yard is a must for anyone interested in cinema. But be warned it is onnly on until 13th November Californian Christian Marclay has taken clips from thousands of commercial films […]

Back To The Film (1) – not gone. Just seeking Solace

TweetBeen a bit thin on the movie front so have taken the opportunity to put up some other stuff. Only do TV that seems interesting or fun. Poetry is what it is. And other writing is as and when. Hoping to find some Solace this week – but what is there new to say about […]