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Poem – ‘I’

Tweet    ‘I’ I am happy – and sad sometimes good and yes, sometimes bad I am who I am but have a duty to he who I might be I am tethered – yet free I am me I am loved – and love know unrest – but am still blessed I am curious […]

Another Spring – Poem

Tweet    Another Spring Age is like a non-returning Spring full of passion that will not be satisfied full of hope that will not be fulfilled full of love that will not be returned full of life that will not be survived And full of longing for another Summer, Autumn, Winter and yes, oh yes […]

Thoughts On A Son’s 30th Birthday

Tweet    Thoughts On A Son’s 30th Birthday Our children are the best of us as theirs one day will be too their task is to surpass us ours to love them when they do Like sparks adrift in a darkling sky we blaze, and burn, then glow a flame of life and love eternal […]

Remember – Sunday 10/11/13

Tweet    Remember We owe a debt to those who risk and sometimes give their lives to protect us and we must discharge it But to celebrate with equal circumstance those who simply kill in our name corrupts true gallantry And when we know as sadly know we do that corrupting souls assassins makes we […]

Poem: After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed

Tweet  After Wittgenstein – In the Beginning Was the Deed Words alone have no meaning no sense so the proposition is meaningless too Meaning is the act of making sense meaning something in using words Possibilities of meaning are my choice through action of making sense with them Action is use I enter the world […]

Somewhere On The Earth Tonight – Poem

Tweet     Somewhere On The Earth Tonight     Somewhere on the Earth tonight new life cries as its journey just begins elsewhere old life dies Somewhere on the Earth tonight someone kills stealing hopes and other lives obeying alien wills Somewhere on the Earth tonight hunger gnaws sapping life from children’s souls paying […]

Poem – The Visitor: Did you visit me dark angel…..

Tweet      The Visitor Did you visit me dark angel did you whisper did you call do you come unbidden does my will do my choices make a difference to anything at all I am not my body I am not my brain and though these may become no more I shall still remain […]

Trust The Wind – Poem: like the eagle obey nature to command her

Tweet  One day of the condor Trust The Wind I offered you the chance to fly the high places where the cool clean air bathes the unstepped unspoilt heights in the purity of life Where love in the ecstasy of weightlessness can breathe the eternity of a timeless present shared You flew trusting me wing […]

Poem: 12th of November – next day thoughts on Remembrance Day

Tweet      12th of November Too many flags Too many wreaths flying and furled circles and sheaths symbols of power and Babel’s tower Too many widows Too much unsolaced grief Too many pipes Too many drums militant skirl bellicose beat marching in lines laying down mines Too wedded to war To demand that peace […]

Remembrance Day – Another kind of respect

Tweet                         Forget Me Not   Remembrance Day Etched in unforgiving stone The Glorious Dead implacable stands alone washed in rain and bitter tears blood red poppies do not atone across the bitter years the sadness and the loss As each November nears we mourn our honoured dead with military pomp and easy prayers power […]