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Poem – The Visitor: Did you visit me dark angel…..




The Visitor

Did you visit me dark angel
did you whisper
did you call
do you come unbidden
does my will
do my choices
make a difference
to anything at all

I am not my body
I am not my brain
and though these may
become no more
I shall still remain
for I am mind
or thinking soul
as some would say

I am cut
I am sawn
I am stitched and sewn
Man’s finest art
touched my heart
to gather in
gifted precious time
I might not have known

So for another while
I remain
body heart and brain
love of thought
and thoughtful love
held my trembled hand
and loved me back again

Have you gone dark angel
‘til we meet again
for meet again we must
but thoughts of love
and love of thought
are not paced in time
this fragment of eternity
is a gift we take on trust

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