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Poem – The Visitor: Did you visit me dark angel…..

Tweet      The Visitor Did you visit me dark angel did you whisper did you call do you come unbidden does my will do my choices make a difference to anything at all I am not my body I am not my brain and though these may become no more I shall still remain […]

Les Miserables – Tom Hooper: Against all the odds – a triumph

Tweet        Les Miserables – Tom Hooper Against all the odds – a triumph: of conception, execution, and performance. Hooper has taken perhaps the most iconic post-war, quintessentially theatrical stage musical; successful beyond all expectation and initial critical reaction, and captured its spirit in the radically different aesthetic form of film. The assurance […]

Open Letter to President Obama – Inaugural debt of honour

Tweet    St Albans, England – January 7th 2013   Dear Mr President, I need your help to recognise a deep wrong which we both share: you as an American and President; me as the descendant of English and European race and culture. Recognise not remedy, because the wrong in question is beyond remediation; one […]