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Bums authenticate – on seats that is

Tweet Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1 Bums authenticate. On seats that is. This 7th, of 8 film in the Potter franchise replicates at the box office the Potter phenomenon in the book business. Bums, large and small, male and female, child and adult are excitedly plonking onto the nation’s cinema seats […]

Sci-Fa Not Sci-Fi: Science farce not science fiction

Tweet Skyline – Colin and Greg Stausse Sci-Fa not Sci-Fi: science farce not science fiction. Final score: Latex 10 – Literacy 0. Graphic designers Colin and Greg Strausse (Avatar, Iron Man2, 2012 etc) should have stuck to their day job. As directors, well where should one start? Everything in this movie is derivative and deeply […]

The Time of our lives at the movies

TweetThe Clock – Christian Marclay – White Cube Gallery London Not a movie but deeply cinematic. This Art installation at the White Cube Gallery, Mason’s Yard is a must for anyone interested in cinema. But be warned it is onnly on until 13th November Californian Christian Marclay has taken clips from thousands of commercial films […]

Our task in life

TweetOur task in life is not to find the right answers. It is to ask the right questions. If we think we have found the right answers – we will be wrong. If we ask the right questions – the right answers will find us. Zettel

The Kids Are All Right – the parents are screwed up

Tweet Embarrasssment defines and divides Americans and Brits. Movies reveal this. For Americans embarrassment is funny: for Brits embarrassment is, well, embarrassing. Films like Meet The Fokkers or any comedy with Robert de Niro in it demonstrate this perfectly. Ben Stiller is the patron saint of embarrassment humour. There is an instinct for schadenfreude in […]