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Poem: Men, Women, love and sex – differences

Tweet    Women   The difference between Women and Men is that Women can fake an orgasm   Men   The difference between Men and Women is that Men can fake Love

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher’s skill beats the challenge of form

Tweet    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – David Fincher Like buses, you wait for ages for a film with a charismatic, independent, strong female character: then two come along at once: first Sarah Lund (Sofie Gråbøl in The Killing I & II), and Lisbeth Salander (First Noomi Rapace, now Rooney Mara) in The Girl […]

Poem: Women, Men and Sex

Tweet      Women Men and Sex   Women lie about sex because they know men want them to   And they are right   Men lie about sex because they think women want them to   But they are wrong

OPEN LETTER – Ailing Western Democracies Must Be Reformed

Tweet    Ailing Democracies must be Reformed   Even before MP’s expenses, Credit Crunch, Recession and Deficit Reduction Western democracy was in crisis. Implacable partisanship and polarised ideology has rendered the US political system dysfunctional and impotent before globally based problems. In the UK, decades of Political incompetence in managing and delivering cost effective social […]

Poem: The City – alone amongst people

Tweet The City Cold wet streets echo footsteps of following fear a hungry animal prowling round my city rheum-eyed wraiths hunted and haunted by neon glares return rain-cold recriminatory stares Rag-huddled in cold a life-worn once-man in foetal embrace protects his flame guttering body heat to the pestering wind invisible to shame and scurrying guilt […]

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows – Guy’s RomCom for guys

Tweet      Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows – Guy Ritchie Arch chums take on Arch Villain   Wittgenstein said we should regard words not as things possessing meaning but as tools with which to create it. Some tools like knives and saws have general purpose application: others like screwdrivers have a specific function. I […]

Robert M Pirsig – The Metaphysics of Quality

Tweet    Robert M Pirsig – Author Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – An Inquiry into values (1974) Lila – An Inquiry in Morals (1991)   An extraordinary and truly original thinker.  Too little known.   Persig Pensées   Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a thirty thousand page menu, and […]

Poem: Freedom – The caged eagle

Tweet      Freedom    Caged, confined, the eagle cried for his lost freedom of the skies and as he grieved his spirit died resignation in his eyes

BBC Strictly Come Dancing – There’s No Trouble With Harry

Tweet    Strictly Come Dancing – There’s No Trouble With Harry Singin’ In The Rain, Top Hat, It’s Always Fair Weather, Royal Wedding, On The Town. Test cases: anyone who watches these immortal examples of popular movie art and isn’t captivated by the sheer magic, sense of fun and joie de vivre captured in finite […]

Poem – Depression: say it don’t think it

Tweet    Depression Life was going swimmingly when a sudden current surged, and swept me out to sea. I watched the land and all so dear to me, recede into the distance as I struggled just to be. Against a dark unfathomed sea I thrashed about and battled but couldn’t struggle free. Exhausted, I just […]