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Epigram – truth

Tweet Truth is not a destination – it is a way of travelling.

The Apprentice – Week 1 – Schadenfreude returns.

Tweet The Apprentice – week 1 – Schadenfreude Returns Funny, sarcastic, satirical, hilariously silly, scabrous, outspoken and great great fun. No, give me a break, not the actual battle of the bullsh***ers – but Adrian Child’s great little follow up – The Apprentice –You’ve Been Fired – where the week’s firee is affectionately mocked before […]

Before The Void – Poem

TweetBefore the Void Intimacy like reverence roots in metaphor soul heart mind holiness deep That whereof we cannot speak we must pass over in the silence of a love that needs no words Tender sight touch thought connected as one before the void Hold me know my mind touch my heart see my soul and […]

Torture – everyone responsible, no one to blame

TweetTorture A definition of stupidity is constantly repeating the same mistake. Richard Nixon’s impeachment and disgrace should have seared into the soul of every subsequent politician the implacable truth that it isn’t what you do that screws you – it’s the lie you tell to hide it. Is there a single objectively-minded citizen of Britain […]