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Women Bishops – A complete no-brainer rejected by lay women

Tweet      Women Bishops   Who shall chronicle the fevered incestuous petty politics of the present Anglican Church now that C.P.Snow is no longer with us? If women Priests are today justifiably, angry, frustrated and disappointed; gay Christians must be in despair. This dispute has about as much to do with the exemplary life […]

The Abuse of Children – a problem for men and women

Tweet     The Abuse of Children   The protection of children from all kinds of abuse is a responsibility we all share as parents or good neighbours and citizens. Beyond that it is the business of law-makers, police and social agencies. But conspicuously absent in the national debate about this pattern of behaviour are […]

Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn

Tweet     LETTER TO THE TIMES   –  3rd February 2010   Sir,   Sir Fred – Knight to Queen’s Pawn   It is extraordinary how the implacable righteousness displayed by the Establishment towards failures, incompetences or morally dubious practice of ordinary people or those lower down the food chain, disappears in a cloud of […]

Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism – Full text of letter published in the London Times Tuesday 31st Jan 2012

Tweet  Banks, Bonuses and Capitalism The concept of the bonus is the problem, not its size. It fosters lazy management, indiscriminate sales, bad salesmanship and is irreducibly divisive; hostile to teamwork and destructive of team spirit. The bonus is based upon a cynical contempt for people: that they can only be motivated by greed and cannot take […]

Letter – Political Leadership – Published London Times 5th May ’09

Tweet Political Leadership Barack Obama’s election puts the latest ‘Brown study’ of the Labour Party into perspective. The Democratic Party had two candidates of intellectual weight, political gravitas and an air of leadership – in the UK we have none – in any party. The more Mr Brown exercises the power he connived for so […]

Torture – everyone responsible, no one to blame

TweetTorture A definition of stupidity is constantly repeating the same mistake. Richard Nixon’s impeachment and disgrace should have seared into the soul of every subsequent politician the implacable truth that it isn’t what you do that screws you – it’s the lie you tell to hide it. Is there a single objectively-minded citizen of Britain […]