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The Apprentice Week 6 – Sralan…you`re fired!

Tweet The Apprentice Week 6 – Sralan…you`re fired! I’m not kidding. In my view the most incompetent, inadequate person in this weeks’ show was Sir Alan Sugar himself considered as a leader specifying the aims and objectives of a task. I believe his behaviour towards the contestants is increasingly objectionable – gratuitously insulting and bordering […]

The Apprentice Week 5 – Parrots, Pirates and Pants

Tweet The Apprentice Week 5 – Parrots, Pirates and Pants The penny finally drops: when deciding who to take into the boardroom, the losing team leader must ignore task performance, personal animosity one or two-way, disruptiveness, charmlessness and most especially the unshakable solipsistic egoism shared by all the apprentice Apprentices. No: the implacable rule is […]

State of Play – Crowe, Affleck, re-find their game

Tweet State of Play – Ken MacDonald Question: you have a cleverly plotted, superbly crafted, well written movie with first class actors on top of their form: these ingredients are drawn together with assurance and style by an excellent Director and edited to a heart-beat – at times racing with the breakneck pace of events; […]

The Apprentice Week 4 – ‘Sh*t of the Show’ winner

Tweet The Apprentice Week 4 – ‘Sh*t of the Show’ winner – with still 8 shows to go. Yale Psychologist Stanley Milgram July 1961: “I set up a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because he was ordered to by an experimental […]

Epigram – Life, pain, joy

Tweet Life is pain and joy. Never think you must earn your joy – for you will seldom deserve your pain. Both are gifts.

The Apprentice Week 3 – getting serious

Tweet The Apprentice Week 3 – getting serious Damn. It’s so much more fun to take the p*ss. OK there was the usual playground bully hubris from Ben “I’m the best looking man here” Clarke; and routine autocratic obscenity from Debra “I’m the f**cking Project Manager” Barr. James McQuillan’s verbal diarrhoea continues though thankfully we […]

Surveillance – sick movie, sick genre

Tweet Surveillance – Jennifer Chambers Lynch A sick movie – in a sick genre. Do not be conned by the publicity for this sleazeball movie: it is not a thriller. It is a horror movie pretending to be a thriller. The essence of the horror movie for me is that the tension, the suspense, arises […]

Apprentice Week 2 – Basil drizzling and James-dribbling

Tweet The Apprentice week 2 – Basil-drizzling and James-dribbling It’s Barbara Windsor’s fault. On Wossy’s show she said she’d been freaked out when she went round to dinner at Sralan’s place – which really has to be called ‘Sugarland’ – because he was a dead ringer, well ringer, for her late Carry On carrier-on, Sid […]