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Just a Thought

TweetMorality: we don’t do it BECAUSE it’s right we do it because it’s RIGHT

Just a Thought

Tweet We cannot offend God – we can only disappoint Him.

Love and Sex

Tweet Love doesn’t make the world go round – sex does: it is the energy that drives action. But sex leaves everything as it is. Love seeks to change things for the better – it aspires to the good. And of course this includes sex itself. Much misery – and bad sex – is caused […]

Our task in life

TweetOur task in life is not to find the right answers. It is to ask the right questions. If we think we have found the right answers – we will be wrong. If we ask the right questions – the right answers will find us. Zettel

Epigram – Life, pain, joy

Tweet Life is pain and joy. Never think you must earn your joy – for you will seldom deserve your pain. Both are gifts.

Epigram – truth

Tweet Truth is not a destination – it is a way of travelling.