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Think Like A Man – Oxymoronic Rubbish

Tweet          Think Like A Man – Tim Story About an hour in, my usually gently-spoken wife said: “ I don’t give a sh*t about any of these people – I’m off.” With relief, first time for a very long time, I left a movie half way through. Excruciatingly unfunny, even the narrator in […]

LETTER – Dr Rowan Williams: Archbishop of Canterbury

Tweet      LETTER   Dr Rowan Williams   I do not for one moment doubt Dr Williams’ sincerity or spirituality. Indeed he has the authentic demeanour of a truly holy man. But why in God’s name did he accept the office he is about to vacate? He is Primate of an Established Church with the democratic […]

Rock of Ages – They made this bullsh*t out of mock n’ roll

Tweet      Rock of Ages – Adam Shankman They made this bullsh*t out of mock n’ roll. While Choreographer and dancer Adam Shankman’s Hairspray had a certain scabrous charm, this screen treatment of another award-winning musical is utterly charmless. It plays like an FHM adolescent wet dream fantasy in its moronic exploration of its […]

BBC The Apprentice – The Final: Ricky gives them what Thor.

Tweet        The Apprentice – The Final: Ricky gives them what Thor.   Professor Michael Sandel*, in his excellent new book What Money Can’t Buy – The Moral Limits of Markets makes some very useful distinctions. Both professional Economist and Philosopher, Sandel remarks: “without quite realizing it we drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. […]

Prometheus – Ridley Scott – Breach of Prometh

Tweet      Prometheus – Ridley Scott When did the octopus first become the template for space-monsters? I get why: they carry all the repulsiveness of the snake – multiplied by 8; and they are very what we might call grapho-genic. Wave the arms about a lot and our imagination comfortably believes in flying octopi […]